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Second Sun #23


And with that, the Fists boarded the small boats that took them out to their vessels. They moved silently: from land to small boat, from small boat to fighting vessel, the only sound the messaging of gulls and the million stories of the sea whispered wet against the sides of boats and harbour walls.
The preparations completed, the sails were pregnant with a fair wind and Hevne stood on the prow of the lead vessel staring into the flaming horizoned sun. Behind her, a phalanx of twelve sails blazed a golden fiery red as they sped their way towards conflict.

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    Christopher 20 days ago

    This is wonderfully written, Drew. This would make an epic film, the imagery sprawling across the big screen would be fabulous.

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    Agree with Christopher. It’s so visual and dramatic. I’m a bit scared myself because I feel like I’m on the boat with them (definitely standing behind Hevne... many, many yards behind!)

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    Jamie Clapperton 19 days ago

    Shame they're probably all to preoccupied with the battle to come to take in the beauty of the scene. :-)

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    Neville Hunt 19 days ago

    What a thoughtful comment Jamie!

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    Drew Martyn 19 days ago

    Thank you all. Jamie, you're probably right. I don't care what Hevne says, I'd be cacking it right now.

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