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Second Sun #12


"When do we sail for Silkarra, big sister?"
"I sail when the sun sets," Hevne replied. "You sail when you are old enough."
"But- "
The smile fell away from Triu's lips, but the look on Hevne's face stopped his argument.
"But I am able, sister. Look. I am strong. Tall. I am quick. I best the men at wrestling, at - "
"You best them, Triu. I know," replied Hevne, conciliatorily. But she gave no quarter. "Yet you are young. Fourteen is not an age for fighting."
"Nor an age to die," she would have added, but cautioned silence.

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    Neville Hunt almost 2 years ago

    Sounds like the boy’s a bit too keen for his own good. (I bet he goes anyway, somehow!)

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