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Dancing #60


Some time had passed before I dared move or look back. I knew this only because my breathing had returned to normal. Even so, I lay prone for a long while, waiting for the telltale sounds of the wretched lifeless seeking me through the trees.
Of course, at that moment, in my fevered imagination every sound of the forest became the sound of some monstrous evil approaching. But assuredly my senses were returning; and with them, my reason.
Surely, none of this had happened. Another hallucination, possibly? Of course it couldn't have been anything other than some nightmare. Could it?

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    Peter Henderson 11 months ago

    on the edge of my seat for what will happen.....great stuff Drew

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    Drew Martyn 11 months ago

    Thanks very much. I'm trying to do this in a 1920s (ish) sort of style so I'm hoping it's not too drawn out. It's good to hear it's edge of seat stuff.

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    Neville Hunt 10 months ago

    It surely is creepy stuff, but given the introductory drabbles and the subsequent flashback, I reckon he might make it outa there (not so sure about his pal though!)

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