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Dancing #47


I glanced conspicuously toward the door: my meaning, I hoped, would be unmistakeable. It was hot in the inn, and crowded. More than anything I wanted to be alone with her, I yearned to dance in the open, to feel the soft sensual gentleness of the rain fall upon us. I longed to hold her beneath the eternal sky, beneath the life-giving rain, to be one with her beside the fertile forest.
Her shy but excited smile assured me she understood, and we made our way outside where our eyes continued their embrace and our bodies continued our dance.

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    Christopher 10 months ago

    This is intriguing. Very well written, Drew. Looking forward to more.

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    Drew Martyn 10 months ago

    Thanks for the comments Christopher :)

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    Neville Hunt 9 months ago

    Indeed, the writing is terrific... although I have come to expect no less from you, Drew! I’m bricking it just reading each drabble. Can’t afford to be too far from the loo...

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    Thank you Neville that really is very much appreciated.

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