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Dancing #43


The taste of her lips was nectar, their softness compelling me to respond to them. It seemed an eternity lying there, my head in her lap, her lips warm on mine. A sensuous heat spread quickly through my body and the tide of my fear gradually subsided. Her tongue sought mine for a brief instant before drawing away and she shyly raised her head. Our eyes, though, remained held together in a deep embrace.
"I am sorry," she said quietly, blushing. "I should not have - "
Perhaps she should not have. But I felt safe with her. Protected. And Wanted.

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    Neville Hunt 9 months ago

    I should not have...what???

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    She's after his jaffa cakes and there's an ulterior motive. Poor fool can't see it. Deserves what he gets, the trunt!
    (Sorry had to find a way to get that word in)

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