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Heat #64


Wide-eyed, Archie trembled, shaking visibly.
"A cloud!" he gasped between sobs. "The heatwave's breaking! There's no need to - don't sacrifice Doug! The heat's ending - it's over! - That cloud! - It's a sign from God!"
Fool! This was Archie all over! Fool: with a Capital F. He wasn't like Doug, who was always right, always right because his father was God. Poor Archie just couldn't understand.
It was a sign alright. But one tiny cloud was nothing but God telling us that we were on the right track...
...that what greater sacrifice could there be than the son of God himself?

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    Delusional now... what next? But on second thoughts, I've a fair idea what's coming next and I have my eyes screwed tight.

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