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Heat #60


His pathetic, imploring face fed the rage inside me.
Helpless. Pitiful. Words I didn't need now.
A sacrifice must be made.
Doug lay on his back on the ground, barely breathing. God help him. But not even his Father could save him now.
I reached for the rock he'd dropped when I'd hit him. He was right - of course he was, Doug was always bloody right - it felt perfect in my hand.
God fed me through that rock. I felt its power, His power. Life and Death.
My Power.
"Oh my God!" Archie bleated.
I knelt down beside Doug.

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    Not sure anyone can be saved now. Is there a word for bleaker than bleak, I wonder?

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    Drew Martyn 5 months ago

    I don't think I've written much that's bleaker, I've even started to question myself... but hey, in for a penny as they say!

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