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She left me in a pickle #1


She left me in a pickle
I don't know what to do!
She took my books and records
And left for someone new.

Her Daddy owns a factory
Makes marmalade preserve.
She's a millionairess,
Just what I deserve.

I never really liked her
She'd often scream and shout.
She's the kind of undead psycho
They wrote Zombieland about

I'm uncomplaining really,
Unconcerned she went away,
But she took my books and records
And she'll sell 'em on eBay.

She'd leave me in the dark
When she'd put herself about.
She's the sort lights up a room
Just by walking out.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Love it Drew, especially the last line! :-)

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    Drew Martyn 3 months ago

    Thanks Neville :)

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    Christopher 2 months ago

    Gave me a chuckle. I'll catch up with your new series and everyone else's writings soon. Been really busy. And I have a family member that's currently having to take dialysis so I haven't been able to keep up with things here. Going to try and rectify that this weekend.

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    Drew Martyn 2 months ago

    Thanks Christopher - hope all goes well with your family member :)

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