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Heat #48


"Why'd you bloody hit me?" Doug asked, each word interspersed with either a grunt or a wince.
I had no answer. One of his eyes was closing fast. I didn't know. Why did I bloody hit him? My knuckles hurt too and in the bone dry air they stung more than usual. I'd noticed that. If you cut yourself it hurt like hell in this blistering sandpapery air.
"Let's go home now," Archie pleaded.
Home no longer existed. Archie, the fool, didn't understand. Doug groaned and said "No. Wait."
I smiled.
Good old Doug. Archie'd learn eventually. But not yet.

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    Neville Hunt 25 days ago

    I'm with Archie. Totally baffled (but totally hooked)

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    Drew Martyn 22 days ago

    Life is just an illusion, apparently. Or an illusion within an illusion. Or an illusion within an illusion within an illusion....

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    Neville Hunt 22 days ago

    I don’t know about illusion, but I reckon I’m getting delusional just thinking about it. Nothing new there then (the delusional bit I mean. I rarely think about much, I just make it all up!) fascinated though, whatever 🤨

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    Drew Martyn 21 days ago

    I cant reply, I've tied myself up in knots!

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