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Heat #44


It didn't feel bizarre, but suddenly I was in the cool of Bethesda chapel and the sweat on my skin grew cold. There was Doug's Dad, standing at the altar, tidying away paperwork.
I said "Hi" but he couldn't see me. I sat quietly in one of the pews.
Then I was in Archie's home, sitting at a table. A baby gurgled on his mother's lap. I'd forgotten he had a big sister, she sat eating an apple. His Dad held a newspaper.
They were talking, Dad, Mam and older sister, but what they said was not mine to know.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Not quite so scary, this one, but nonetheless, I am sure there’s some horrific stuff just lying there ready to jump onto the page!

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    Peter Henderson 6 months ago

    Hehehe I agree. I love it because I needed to read it 3 times to support the idea I'm dead. Nifty how you take the reader so close and then leave up to them to make the final decision.

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    Drew Martyn 6 months ago

    A little respite perhaps, Neville :)
    Thanks for your comments guys, I appreciate it.
    (Difficult typing this with our new(ish) cat coming between me and the keyboard :) Oh well...)

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