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Heat #43


Tremor! Something shivered within me then pierced my brain. The penetration sent a frisson of tremulous awareness coursing through my body and I knew myself then as part of this world and all worlds.
A hot dry waft moaned through the tinder branches of Lastwailing Wood and thickening roots slithered from the earth and spread within me. The dying gasps of the distant motorway flailed and panicked, and the roots of concrete and tarmac drilled through my flesh and bone.
Doug was a mouth, still repeating "under every tree slaying the children," Archie, a bodiless face, begging everything to stop.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Blimey mate, this is strong stuff, brilliantly written if I may say so. Every time I see you’ve posted a new one, Drew, I have to wait an hour or two to steel myself for what gruesome things might attack my mind. Riveting stuff though! 😱

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    Peter Henderson 3 months ago

    Yes I agree. No sooner than you hammered me with intense meaning and description in one line then WHAM! the next line hits my 7th sense. Very creative.

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    Drew Martyn 3 months ago

    Thank you both :) I'm glad you're enjoying it (if "enjoying" is the right word!).
    I know that I'm never sure if I'm enjoying reading a ghost or horror story until it's all over, and then I know I've enjoyed it. But ask me during it and it's a different answer....

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