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Heat #35


"So how'd we do a sacrifice?"
"Um, what?" Doug was still talking about giving food to the gods and Druids and stuff like that and I'd interrupted him.
"How do we make a sacrifice?"
Doug thought for a second.
"Put the fruit in a bowl, do a prayer. Maybe make a fire?" He was rubbing his arm again. Good. It either showed his arm was hurting or that he was deep in thought.
"We should make an altar!" he blurted out, laughing. "Put the sacrifice on it. Then offer it to God."
My heart pounded, banging excitedly in my ears.

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    Neville Hunt 3 months ago

    Sounds like Lord of the Flies or summat like that.

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    Drew Martyn 3 months ago

    Yes, definitely a hint of LOTF appearing here.

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