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Mrs Elys Travesty #30


How was she to know she smelled? Whisky supposedly smelled nice didn't it? She'd learn her lesson, anyway: from now on she'd stick to gin.
There was laughter from the back of the bus and a voice: "Probably doesn't wash!"
That man's voice again: "Drunk tart. Sad, though."
Then "Shush! She'll hear!"
She swore at them under her breath, but it must have been a lot louder than she intended as the two old ladies in the seat opposite flung her dirty looks before pretending to search in their handbags or peer out of the window at something suddenly fascinating.

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    Outcast! Now I’m starting to like her/feel sorry for her. I feel cleverly manipulated Drew!

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    That's great, thanks Neville

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