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Mrs Elys Travesty #9


The accident that stole him crashed inside her head. Even now, standing at the sink, she heard the blaring horn and the squealing wheels, she heard the screams and shattering of glass as if it was still happening. And she heard the tearing and crushing of metal, plastic and life as if she'd been there when it took place. And as Carl's blood crept slowly, bright red over flesh, darker, almost glittering over metal and black tarmac, she heard the crashing of Carl's dying heart, noisy, irregular, and intrusive, a crushing, black, opaque echo that filled her whole being.

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    Neville Hunt 11 months ago

    Oh dear. I feared something tragic would happen, but I must admit to thinking it might have been Carl as the agent of tragedy..

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    Drew Martyn 11 months ago

    Poor Carl's the innocent party, apparently...

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