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Roylsden #373


Roylsden's changed. Got bigger. Faster. Busier. All since the railroad took up residence. Y'know, y'all can get from here to New York in a couple of days? Though I don't want to. No mountains. No canyon. No streams.
No Roylsden.
They replaced all them with hurry and scurry, getting and fretting.
Anyway, I'm too old.
I'm ready to sleep, me; ready, and I'm willing.
And last night I dreamed Taya Two Horses told me she was here to guide me whenever I was ready. Held my hands and told me so.
She also said Anna Cody, this aint no dream.

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    It ain’t no dream, but it wuz a nightmare.

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