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Roylsden #354


Sometimes time has no duration.
Clint realised this as he saw the tray miss its intended target. He'd meant it to smash into Zeke's head but instead it merely scraped his chin, the deflected impact wrenching it out of Clint's hand.
That moment tensed into timelessness. He watched as the tray spun away from Zeke's face. Its hard edge bit noisily against Zeke's fingers and the metal of the gun as Clint anticipated the flash of the barrel and the pain of the bullet.
Nothing happened. Except, still trapped within eternity, Clint watched terrified as Anna threw herself at Zeke.

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    Love the opening line... and the slo-mo build of excitement is terrific. Oh dear Anna! Watch yourself please!

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