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Roylsden #343


He'd kissed her.
Anna Cody: her name rang through his mind like a jubilation of church bells through bluesun skies. He'd kissed Anna. Properly. Not a kiss on the cheek, but a drowning in the soft waters of her beautiful eyes kiss.
And more: their hands had touched, their fingers intertwined. He'd felt her fingers close around his, wrap them like they'd never willingly let go.
And more: he felt her lips, initially hesitant, then press intentionally, forcefully, against his like they were land and sky and could never be sundered.
He'd kissed her.
And more: she had kissed him.

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    Fabulous writing; really grabs that first kiss moment. Fully charged. Takes me back....

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    Thank you :)

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