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Roylsden #339


Quickly, Mickey spun around and grabbed McGinley's arm, pulling it away from Cole's throat.
Cole's vision whirled and his arms and legs tingled as the returning blood flow fought with the numbness that almost overpowered him, but he still managed to turn and throw his elbow back into McGinley's face. He couldn't feel any contact, but he heard the crack of bone and the liquid groan that spurted from McGinley's bloodied mouth.
O'Donohue leapt to his feet, ready to down Samuel or his father if they should threaten, though given the state both were now in that was pretty unlikely.

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    Brilliant! Love ‘liquid groan’!... and the way it rhymes with bone. Great stuff Drew!

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    Thanks Neville. I loved that too :)

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