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Roylsden #327


Rarely as a Minister of God had McGinley felt so certain of himself. There'd been times he'd seen what appeared to be God's handiwork only for it to be revealed as the work of Satan. Sometimes what seemed evil was the mysterious workings of the Lord. Oh yes, he'd witnessed God move in mysterious ways, but - more often - he'd seen the handiwork of the Evil One.
He knew the difference.
Knew what he had to do. The dead could only be reanimated by God or the evil of Satan's deviousness. And this was not God's handiwork.
He raised the pistol.

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    No!!! Not lovely Anna Cody, you misguided minister!

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    Christopher almost 3 years ago

    I think Taya Two Horses needs to step in again from beyond the grave!

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