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Roylsden #310


Cold wind shrieked into the room, the lamplight flared briefly, stuttering a jaundiced yellow, then died. The room became all but blind.
"Leave me alone!" Lucy screamed at the cold black night outside, her sobbing loud and desperate, "Let me be, Anna Cody! Let me be!"
The repeated clicks of the pistol's hammer on its empty chamber rattled the room as she desperately tried to pour more bullets through the shattered window. The last of the Winchester's ammunition had been used up, too, but she still flung the rifle backwards then forwards, trying in vain to feed its hungry barrel.

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    Neville Hunt 10 months ago

    This has such frantic power. Wonderful.

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    Christopher 10 months ago

    I think I said this before, but if Hitchcock had ever done a Western this is how it would've played out.

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    Thank you very much guys, that;s greatly appreciated. Great to see you back, too, Christopher, you've been missed mate :)

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    Christopher 9 months ago

    Thanks, Drew. Glad to be back.

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