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Roylsden #306


I want to be warm again.
Clint's in there.
And Doc.
And after them gunshots, they could both be dead.
I can't stop shivering.
Lamplight is warm. Seen from far away it's home, a yellow welcome. The lamp in the window, the soft, warm glow outside.
Careful, Anna Cody, my grandma would say now.
Move like the spirits, Taya Two-Horses would say: silently, with knowledge and understanding.
So, skirting the yellow glow, staying in the shadows, I try peeking in through the window, but from this far away all I can see is lamplight painting patterns on the glass

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    Come on Anna Cody, get in there and scare the evil woman to death!

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