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Roylsden #221


Lucy McGinley invariably knocked on the door of her husband's study, even if it was wide open. But this time, she didn't.
She slid into the room, shoulders stooped, glazed eyes wide, red rimmed and atop darkened skin. Her cheeks still glistened: she'd been crying and made no attempt to disguise the fact.
"Visitors!" was all she uttered, before she forced her way out again by pushing Doc Morris and Clint aside.
"Gunshots, Cole?" queried Doc Morris. The first thing he noticed was a possible concussion in the form of Mickey O'Donohue; the second, the trembling hands of Minister McGinley.

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago


    (she uttered?)

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    Drew Martyn over 3 years ago

    Oh yes, thanks Neville :)
    And you now have the job of my proof-reader ;)

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    A rare need, but delighted to help!

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