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Roylsden #212


"Second thoughts," Doc Morris drawled thoughtfully, "Ignore that. Anna, you stay with the buggy. Clint, you can come with me... if - "
"I'll come." Clint said, already dismounted. Idiot boy walking into trouble.
"I'm coming- " I began.
"No you're not." They spoke in unison. What's going on here, is Grandma lurking about, pulling their strings?
Then Doc spoke firmly "Anna Cody, stay here. If you hear more gunfire go get Dan Wallace and his men outa the Waterhole, tell 'em there's- "
I didn't need a proper explanation.
"Okay Doc. Be careful. Clint. Be careful too, yeah?"
He smiled.

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    I’m on tenterhooks here Drew. More soon please!

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