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Roylsden #202


That was why instead of hearing "Anna, don't be so silly" from her Grandma, Anna heard "Let the girl do what she needs to do, Doc. That's if you don't mind."
Doc Morris sighed: "Is there a choice?"
Clint grinned. "With Anna and her Grandma? I don't think so, Doc."
"You can take the buggy, Doc. Anna, be quiet, you aint taking a horse, if'n you don't take the buggy, child, you don't go nowhere."
Anna said nothing.
"And get a hat on, girl."
Anna grabbed her hat as she walked out.
"Come on, then, let's get that buggy harnessed."

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Grandma still has the influence. Good on her!

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