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Roylsden #195


Sheriff Cole watched Minister McGinley closely and his hand relaxed at his holster. He watched primarily to see if McGinley’s actions supported or fought against his initial impression.
His initial rage, bitten back and held down; his sudden appearance, with his Colt drawn and ready to fire; his slow realisation of no immediate danger; all these spoke of a man waiting fearfully for something that he felt was inevitable. Unavoidable.
The tense behaviours of his wife and sons spoke of this, too, and of a silent secret they all shared. Perhaps the knowledge that the boys were killers. Perhaps not.

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    I sure hope them thar McGinleys don’t turn out to be good guys after all, cos’n I hate all them varmints.

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    Peter Henderson about 3 years ago

    Watch out I think Neville's gone all "Deadwood" on us, Great story as always Drew

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