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Roylsden #186


"Why are you bothering my boys this time?"
Her voice was high-pitched, her eyes darting from one to another. Her once white blouse carried stains of food from more than one meal.
"We don't want to bother anyone, Mrs McGinley, but we need to talk- "
"Sheriff Cole, there is nothing to talk about. Certainly nothing to interrupt my husband about. And moreover..." she paused, her voice returning to normal, her hands rubbing food stains and dirt onto her grey skirt. "Moreover, he is busy."
"You told us that, ma'am," Cole said, nodding towards McGinley's study door. "May we?"

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    Peter Henderson almost 4 years ago

    Sinister....Marvelous.....many thanks Drew

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    Mona almost 4 years ago

    Great suspence

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    Drew Martyn almost 4 years ago

    Thanks you both :)

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    That thar Sheriff Cole don’t take no for an answer.

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