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Roylsden #185


Zeke and Samuel sat at the kitchen table when Sheriff Cole knocked once on the door and strode in without waiting for an answer.
"Evenin' boys," he said. His voice was monotone, betraying none of the thoughts that surged through his mind.
Eddie Sherman and Mickey O'Donohue repeated Cole's words as they entered, and all three men stood in silence in the kitchen of the McGinley home.
At the table, Zeke held a book. Samuel held a knife. In front of him was a loaf of bread.
Lucy McGinley rushed in noisily before the boys had time to say anything.

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    Peter Henderson about 3 years ago

    Standing....silence....a knife I can sense something....great stuff

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    Drew Martyn about 3 years ago

    Hopefully the tension is building :)

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