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Roylsden #179


But it was me who slept. Slept, and didn't dream.
And when I swam up out of sleep to see what all the noise was about, I found it was people, real people. When Sheriff Cole asked Doc Morris if I was up to being asked some questions, the Doc winked at me. "You did good, girl. No point in telling you, but I'll say it anyways, you take your time getting better, y'hear?"
I managed a weak smile.
He winked again, then turning to Cole said "Sure thing, but make it quick, Sheriff, and don't let her get upset."

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    No sheriff... don’t you go gettin’ Anna Cody upset!

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    Peter Henderson over 3 years ago

    Yes Yes ....don't won't her getting sick again.

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