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Roylsden #142


Mickey O'Donohue nodded pointedly at Cole's empty glass.
Mickey grinned. "Learned all you need to know, huh?"
"Learned all I don't know, maybe."
Mickey's grin dissolved.
Cole smiled "Forget it."
"Tell me about Bowen. Why's he different?"
"Zeke wasn't there."
"Clint was," Mickey offered.
"You think Clint killed Bowen because he was there?"
"No. He wouldn't have - "
"And that's exactly what I'm thinking about Zeke."
Mickey nodded.
"No, John Bowen is different precisely because Zeke wasn't there. So maybe the motivation for the murder is different."
"So, what's the motivation?"
"You tell me," Sheriff Cole said thoughtfully.

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    Neville Hunt almost 4 years ago

    Keep us a-guessin’ Drew!🤔

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