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Roylsden #121


"Ma Cody's granddaughter was attacked, damn near killed this morning. She could still die, it was touch and go when I left, according to Doc Morris. Hell, Joshua, she might be dead now for all we know."
McGinley leaned forward and for Mickey at least the man's face assumed the look of Minister more than Mayor McGinley.
"Dreadful- "
"Eddie Sherman found her. And... he says he saw Zeke running away from her."
Mayor McGinley looked down at his hands.
"You saying- ?"
"I'm saying nothing, Mayor. But I'll let you talk to Zeke before I do. That's only fair."

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    Still don’t trust any of them there critters! Still no idea where it’s going!🤔

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    Peter Henderson over 3 years ago

    Same here, this Zeke guy sounds very suspicious......hope the grand daughter makes it.

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    Drew Martyn over 3 years ago

    Thanks guys! :)

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