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Roylsden #45


There are moments in your life, swift passing moments that touch you as they come and go, touch you deep inside and change you, so that you are never the same person again. But I can't say what happened. It's not God, not magic, and it sure as hell isn't explainable, but it happens and it happened to me then.
Somewhere inside, I felt all the connections that make us human.
And outside, I saw the sky bleed and realised it was trying to show me there'd been bloodshed. And I'd been too fool a child to understand. Until now.

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    Neville Hunt almost 4 years ago

    Wonderful! You should be very proud of these drabbles Drew.

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    Drew Martyn almost 4 years ago

    Aw, cheers Neville, thank you very much. One does one's best, lol, I'm just happy it's intertaining people and you're enjoying them.

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