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The Apartment #259


"Why would they do that?" Tracey asked among the general hubbub of questions.
Daniel walked around the room, scrutinising everything. Harry walked to the shuttered window.
Tracey kissed Rick quickly, then smiled: "You can let me go now, Rick."
Slowly, tentatively, he helped her stand.
"I'm fine, now."
He wasn't convinced.
"Why put us back in time? Their experiment's done," Harry asked, "The alien's gone. They've finished with us."
Maya laid the newspaper on the desk. No one heeded the main headline
"Russia Wins Space Race"
and the subheading
" Sputnik 1 Launch Successful: October 4 Blast-Off On Schedule"

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    This is an interesting turn of events.

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