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The Apartment #236


The experiment is concluded.
Harry said the words aloud. There was no need to, he knew, because he knew the others had heard those same words inside their heads, but they rang in his mind, loud and insistent, until it seemed the statement had assured itself that they all understood.
And the Silence that surrounded them knew they understood.
Daniel spoke to the human form: "What are you?"
Colours rolled within the form; up, down, in all directions; but softly, gently, like the hushed healing of a hurt or the budding of a new hope.
You know what I am.

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    Still enjoying this. Sorry it took two days to get to it. I've been working a lot and I'm trying to get ready to go on vacation in September.

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Don't worry Christopher, I'm happy that you're still enjoying it. Enjoy your holiday, mate, and I hope Jake enjoys his, too ;)

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