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The Apartment #219


Tracey, knife poised at the throat of the Beast, had stalled.
If she didn't kill him, whatever he had become would kill her.
One weighted slash across that small neck, across that crocodile hide skin, would sever the head.
It would all be over.
But Timmy's laughter rang in her ears, and she cried recalling more loving times when he would throw his arms about her neck.
And within that scaly face, those eyes. Timmy's eyes, red with... fear?
She let the knife fall.
Sobbing uncontrollably, she refused to kill her little boy, and surrendered herself to her own death.

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    I knew she wouldn't be able to do it. I hope this is all some sort of illusion, or a test.

    Great series, Drew. Terrifying and entertaining at the same time.

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    I've been in two minds about this for a while, one of those points where the story can go either way...
    Thanks for your support Christopher, well pleased you're enjoying it :)

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