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The Apartment #152


The shock of Harry Danes' explanation hit them with cataclysmic force. The silence that followed was a silence of aftermath, of trauma. And of fear. To all intents and purposes everything they believed, everything they had even supposed to be true had been blown apart.
Deep within all of them, they knew it to be true, and that was the horror: there was no denying reality, and this reality had exploded into all of their faces and there were none who didn't feel the pain or suffer the truth.
Their fears bowed before this single terrifying, overwhelming fact.

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    Christopher about 5 years ago

    Whew! Okay, mate, I just got up to speed on what happened while I was away. I'm not into occultic things, I actually play for the other team in that game, so the revelation that these are actually some sort of aliens is a welcome one. Either way, it's a fascinating story and you've told it with your usual word mastery. Looking forward to the rest of it.

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