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The Apartment #57


Slices of birthday cake on a plate.
A knife.
A figure "1", from "12 Years Old Today".
One candle - snapped, prostrate - on the table. Flame extinguished.

The girl pushes herself as far into the corner as she could.
If she could push herself through brickwork she would
and breathe in the dust to cake her lungs and seal her throat,
and crush flat her flesh,
and bury herself alive, destroy herself and her useless fists and the pain that rivets through her stomach.

This one hasn't paid enough to touch her but she still has to do what he says.

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    Lisa Williams almost 4 years ago

    Please do something with this when you've finished. It's demanding now to be devoured in a single gulp. Latest parts made me say F out loud X

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    Drew Martyn almost 4 years ago

    Thanks Lisa, that is brilliant. I'm so delighted you're enjoying it and thanks again for your support, it really is invaluable.

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