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The Apartment #52


Two years to the day, on their wedding anniversary, Tracey told Rick and Timmy the wonderful news that she was pregnant. Rick and Timmy danced around the room, Timmy giggling hysterically as his Daddy spun him around. Later, Timmy wondered if sharing Mammy and Daddy was such a great idea.

That was over a year ago. Since then a lot had happened, and they'd moved into this new place and Mammy stayed home with Timmy all the time.
This new home was such a fun place for him and Mammy to play together.
Timmy and his friends saw to that.

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    Lisa Williams almost 5 years ago

    oh GOD!

    (Suspense of this series may actually kill me X)

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    Timmy's "friends" do not sound like anyone you would want to have for a play date with your kids!

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Thanks folks. Aw, they're just kids... or are they?
    Thanks for your support folks, it is appreciated.

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