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The Apartment #46


"In a way, Mr Meredith. But whatever lurks here isn't tied to this building."
Harry Danes looked from one incredulous face to another. He couldn't help it.
He giggled. Then coughed to cover it up.
"Something exists here. But whatever it is has been bought in. One of you has invited something into this apartment block.
He stood in silence as clouds parted and a shaft of light haloed his glinting head.
"We must look at each of you, at your pasts, to identify which one of you has invited the uninvited into this place.
"Let us share your stories."

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    Lisa Williams over 4 years ago

    Yes! Let's share stories. Immediately. (My impatience is embarrassing but so enjoying this) xx

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    God you're demanding! ;)
    Ok, if you insist, just for you I'll put the first story up now... ;)

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