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The Apartment #42


Harry Danes, grinning as always, clapped his hands together and bought his fingers to his lips. The grin faded, replaced by a look of profound studious introspection.
"If this is an act," whispered Rick to Maya, "It's a good one."
Silence. One or two shuffled or stretched numbing limbs, Maya looked at Rick, Rick shrugged. Tisha sniffed. Everyone, apart from the introspective Mr Danes, it seemed, waited.
Finally, Harry Danes looked up.
Stared knowingly into the faces staring expectantly at him.
And sneezed.
"Oh gawd! Excuse me!" he chuckled.
No one said "Bless you" and outside the sky darkened noticeably.

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    Lisa Williams over 4 years ago

    As ever, my only disappointment is that there's no more to read yet X

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    The sky darkening was a rather ominous last line. Could that possibly have to do with someone sneezing or just a passing comment?

    By the way, I hate to be one of those people that points out typos, but the first line has "bought his fingers to his lips." I'm assuming you meant "brought?" (Only doing this because I would definitely want someone to point it out if I made a typo, so I could correct it for posterity.)

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Haha no worries, thanks for pointing it out. It's these silly mistakes I need pointing out.
    The sky darkening is a bit of pathetic fallacy, adds a bit of ominosity. (I just made that word up...)

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    Christopher over 4 years ago

    Ominosity. I like it. Yeah, I proofread everything I post here multiple times and there are still times I'll post it and then read it after it's posted and find a typo. Autocorrect drives me insane (I mostly use my Android phone to post these, only using the computer occasionally).

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