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The Apartment #35


Lights go up.

A hum of conversation grows as seats empty. Groups of people chattering. Passing in studied politeness, heading up the aisles.
Patiently waiting, you open the programme at a random page. An actor's picture surprises. You read his biography: it is your biography, your picture.
Perplexed, you look up.

The auditorium has emptied. Empty, even, of seats.

People flood back into the balconies and sit in expectation. You're the sole person on this thrust stage.
The curtains part to reveal an audience, waiting for your first words.
Without warning, a single spotlight suddenly illuminates you.

That's your cue.

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    Lisa Williams almost 5 years ago

    Just Brilliant X

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Thanks Lisa, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Your comments help keep me focused and motivated :)

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