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The Apartment #34


"The police did what they had to do. Questioned. Accused. Questioned again. All those questions..." Maya Reimnitz, Apartment 1.

"Professional. Thorough. " Daniel Ryland, Apartment 2.

"Cordoned off." Tisha Lopez, Apartment 3.

"Phorensics and suchlike." Enoch DeStiy, Apartment 4.

"Chemical and DNA analysis. SOCO. Finally pissed off. Bloody useless." Rick Meredith, Apartment 5.

"Frightening. Frightening. Frightening." unknown, Apartment 6.

Returned ten days later, a surprise attack! En masse, the police removed the residents to a nearby hotel and redid what they'd already done in every apartment. Reinterviewed everyone, again, and again, and again.

Then, unofficially at least, closed the case.

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