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The Apartment #28


Something's happened. Like when something happened on Enoch DeStiy's 27th birthday.
2+7= 9.
9: trinity of trinities: spiritual blossoming.
The age was appropriate. He felt himself blossom.
Babylonian numerology.
Only one number more powerful than 9.
And that's 11. The number of letters in Enoch DeStiy's name.
Enoch added his age and his name, 9 and 11. 20. Adds those digits. 2.
2: the horns of Satan.
Satanic blossoming.
That was many years ago. Then, as now, someone died. But then, unlike this day, Enoch DeStiy had summoned the executioner from beyond the thin obscuring veils of this world.

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    Lisa Williams almost 5 years ago

    Might have to stop reading & start again when you've finished. (Yeah yeah like that could happen. But just want to keep reading until the end) Hooked X

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Only just seen this, sorry Lisa. Thanks for your continued support, it really is appreciated :)

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