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The Apartment #24


Even above the noise of the bath filling, Tracey Meredith heard the scream and it chilled her. Instinctively she rushed out of the bathroom to where Tim was just about to start crying. His face had reddened and his customary smile had collapsed. He saw her and his hands reached up for her.
"It's okay Timmy, just a loud noise," she said soothingly, and repeated "It's okay," as much for herself as for him. She lifted him up and headed back to the bathroom to turn off the tap.
She tested the water, smiled shakily at him and said "Bathtime!"

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    Christopher almost 5 years ago

    I hope she doesn't get sidetracked while young Timmy is in the bath. This is shaping up really nicely, Drew. Well done.

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Thank you Jamie and Christopher. Really glad that you're enjoying it and thanks again for your support and for commenting. Cheers :)

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