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The Apartment #14


The curtain rises, a man walks on. There are four grey cubes, footstool size, all identical, placed strategically on the stage. The man stops when he is between all of them. He could be a centre, they could be the four points of a compass. But that's a lie, their position is mere chance.
You see, the idea of being placed strategically was also a lie.
There are only four cubes.
Another lie. He pulls another two from the wings.
A third and final lie: the man is a woman. She arranges them together, builds something like an apartment block.

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    Lisa Williams about 5 years ago

    Oh! Playing with us now? Really don't like reading this in small bits- One I'd prefer devour whole X

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    Drew Martyn about 5 years ago

    Lol I wish I could - but the vagueness is disappearing and things are starting to fall into place so you may get the drabbles a little quicker once the characters have been finalised. Can you finalise a character? Probably not. Sorry, wittering now, thinking aloud. I'll get me coat...

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    Lisa Williams about 5 years ago

    Hooray!! X

    (No- think maybe with good ones they run off and make their own story)

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