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Disturbance #151


I wondered if the Imperator Daemonium had put Chay under a spell. But strutting through the discharge that pooled about Malkaz’s oozing corpse, it seemed more intent on talking wildly about its achievements. It appeared to have forgotten we existed.
But Chay looked inhuman, otherworldly. She leaned forward, one hand held out in front of her as if grasping something, and she rocked backwards and forwards. Her eyes had veiled over; grown opaque, pupil-less and immobile.
At the sight of those eyes, a horrific fear welled within me. I heard my voice
“Chay, I love you! Fight it, Chay!”

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    D.M. almost 5 years ago

    The conflict is intensified by your movement from one character to the other.
    Each drabble holds its own spell. 'Always anxious to read more.

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    Drew Martyn almost 5 years ago

    Thank you very much Sir, I appreciate that.

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