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Disturbance #143


So you see, my dainty morsels, my armies feed upon humanity's flesh. My Generals feed upon humanity's souls. And I, undeserving, poor creature that I am, will feed upon the greatest of all: your polished, perfect, faultless souls.
It turned its sickly smile onto Farmer.
And for this, I thank my Soul Farmer.
It jumped down off Malkaz's carcass and pranced around Farmer.
My Soul Farmer. It's my invention, you understand? it boasted. My idea. A Farmer to cultivate souls for my sustenance! My genius idea! It's voice rose as it spoke, becoming shriller.
My experiment! My genius, successful experiment!

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    D.M. over 4 years ago

    It's bordering on hysteria. Nicely written!

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