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Disturbance #141


It's voice charred the air as it spoke: I am Imperator Daemonium.
I cannot forgive your ignorance of me, but I understand it because your souls have been sheltered from demonic hunger too long.

It bowed insidiously.
See my Disturbance! See it, and despair. See - no separation between the demon plane and the human, for I have destroyed all boundaries. We've merged. We're harmonised.
Now, Daemonium will farm Humanity as you farm animals.

As it laughed its breath filled the air with the reek of rottenness burning. If pain had a smell this is it. And it filled our lungs.

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    haha thats weird! I was going to use "putrefaction" but I preferred the look of "rottenness"!

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