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Disturbance #136


The thing that sits atop the carcass has no name.
It is small, smaller than Malkaz. It looks around, feigning disinterest in us.

It leaps off Malkaz. Long legs creep back on.

It smiles at each of us in turn.

Then speaks to Farmer.
Their faces amuse me. They display emotion, the very thing that binds them to their pitiable humanity!
Unexpectedly, its voice softens from callous grating to mellifluous gentleness.
But yes, they amuse me. Shall we explain to them what is happening here?
Its claws slit patterns in Malkaz’s carcass.
Yes. Yes indeed. We shall explain to them.

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    Julie over 4 years ago

    Hmm...what's going on! As Dr Abbler said, most intriguing.

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