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Disturbance #132


Yes. Master.
Two words that spun through a sudden vast emptiness that ballooned in my mind.
But Farmer had taught us everything we knew. He'd sheltered us, Yes, Master clothed us. Looked after us.
Betrayed us! Yes Master.
He couldn't betray us! He wouldn't betray us! If he'd wanted us dead, he'd had many opportunities to kill us. Yes, Master. But why take us in? Why teach us, why train us? Why do this? Why? Why didn't he stop Rob passing through the pentagram? Why is Rob dead? Why didn't he stop that happening?
Why did he say Yes, Master?

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    D.M. almost 5 years ago

    All of these questions echo those of the reader. Great strategy.

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    Julie almost 5 years ago

    Hope we get some answers!

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