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Disturbance #131


I focused on our shard of existence. Malkaz lay at Farmer's feet, a bulbous mass of festering flesh and lifeless limbs.
Farmer turned to me. I expected a smile. But nothing.
He turned back to Malkaz as its stomach twitched. A small rip appeared, lengthening along its surface. Something reached out, something bulbous-eyed, tentacled, fat-bellied and long-legged.
It sat on Malkaz. It emanated evil as it fed noisily on the carcass.
It raised its head.
"Aah, my Farmer," its words crackled like throats grated over barbed wire, "Are these souls ready?"
Farmer bowed.
Yes, Master. he said.

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    D.M. almost 5 years ago

    Oh no!

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    Julie almost 5 years ago


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